Car Desks

Pro Desks provide laptop desks, laptop stands for all types of cars. No matter what your car model is, we have the right laptop mounting system to suit it. The Navigator car desk is chosen most of the time by our consumers.

Available Car Desks Models at Pro Desks:

1. Navigator Car Computer Stand

navigator car laptop mount

Navigator Car Desk


What makes Pro Desks Navigator Car Computer Stand stand out from other laptop desks on the market is its no drilling feature. Since it is a no drill laptop desk, users do not need to make any car modifications to install it. Plus this advanced laptop desk takes you only twenty minutes to install; and the installation process will be very easy. The Pro Desks Navigator definitely provides the most rugged and durable mounting solution which can satisfy even the most difficult clients. Purchasing this computer stand means you make a wise investment to enhance your work productivity.



2. Mongoose Car Laptop Desk


Mongoose Car Desk

The Mongoose Car Laptop Desk featured by Pro-Desks are the most user friendly, most innovative laptop desk on the market. Having more features than other desks, this desk is believed to be the nicest one available. The top of this desk is adjustable; it can fit any computer depth and width including 17″ widescreens; so ruggedized laptops are no problem. This desk is easy to move from on car to another because it is an interchangeable base plate. Users just need to change out the base when moving the desk to a new car. The desk will outlast many cars and many computers.



3. Dominator Car Laptop Mount

car laptop desk

Dominator Car Laptop Mount

The Dominator Car Laptop Mount is an Industry first, engineered with a locking mechanism to securely lock your laptop computer to the desk top. Then it securely locks the pedestal to the base, providing you with the ultimate in security and mobile computing.





4. Enforcer II Car Laptop Holder

car desk

Enforcer II Car Desk

  • Works in virtually all cars models
  • No car modifications required while installing
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Effective shock control system
  • No passenger space interference
  • Fits laptops of all width
  • Allows computer operation from both driver and passenger side

enforcer II details 2


5. Extreme Car Desk


Extreme Car Desk

Pro Desks Extreme is an advanced laptop mount being designed for rugged usage. This durable laptop desk comes with the features below:

  • Width-adjustable desktop
  • Flexible desktop. Users can swivel, tilt or turn to configure the keyboard position.
  • Strong articulating arm. This great feature enables you to turn the laptop mount from side to side. You can even work on your laptop from either side or when you are standing outside of the car.
  • 28″ height adjustable main rod. With this feature, users can adjust the desktop position to suit their situation.
  • Secure hold mechanisms of the desktop. Your desktop screen will be closed tightly and securely while you are traveling.
  • Four great shock pads. These shock pads help to absorb shocks and vibration on the go, thus protect your laptop.