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If you are looking to find the correct mobile computing solution, then you have come into the right place. We hope to assist you in finding the correct laptop desk and provide some in-depth information on our laptop desk selection.
Pro Desks is one of the oldest laptop mounting firms online, with over 12 years of experience in the mobile computing market.
We have desks for trucks, cars, vans, Police and EMS, commercial utility trucks, big rigs, motorhomes and many more.
Thank you, please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.
Merv Carlson
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Car Desks Models

Car Desks

Pro Desks provide high quality car laptop desks - car laptop mounts - car computer stands. No matter what your car model is, we have the right car laptop holder to suit it.
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Police Desks Models

Police Desks

Police agencies across the country have come to depend on mobile technology, such as police laptop desks or police truck consoles in their vehicle to make their jobs safer. Pro Desks provide police laptop desks - police laptop holders which are suitable for police vehicles of all types.
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Rolling Mobile Medical Laptop Desks

medical laptop mounts, rolling Laptop Desks

Pro Desks have rolling presentation desk which is specially designed for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Inventory Control, Patient Charting and Warehouse Applications that need a sturdy rolling pedestal for a mobile computer.
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Truck Desks Models

Truck Desks

Pro Desks proudly introduced a new series of truck laptop stands - truck laptop desks - truck laptop holders specially designed for trucks. Truck owners can now have a wide variety of choice.
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Big Rig Desks Models

Big Rig Desks

Pro Desks provide mobile computing solutions for vehicle of all types, including the Big Rigs. Our big rig laptop desks - big rig laptop stands fit all laptop width and are designed to withstand the rigors of construction sites and rough roads. No Drilling or Modifications Required.
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Floor Mount Desks

Floor Mount Desks

The locking laptop desks by Pro Desks were designed to fit any trucks or vans with a floor mount base. We provide the most advanced floor mounted laptop desks - floor mounted computer stands in the market.
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Cargo Van Desks Models

Cargo Van Desks

Pro Desks has some other advanced laptop mounts for all Cargo Vans, Econoline, Savannah, and more. We have high quality cargon van work desks - cargo van laptop mounts - cargo van laptop holders.
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Seat Rail Desks Models

Seat Rail Desks

The most outstanding features of Pro Desks seat rail products is that they are user friendly and innovative in comparison with products currently available on the market. Pro Desks provide seat rail desks laptop desks, seat rail laptop mounts, iPad computer stands, seat rail laptop tables, etc. Shop around now!
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Support After Fire In Fort McMurray

Pro Desks offers a 10% reduction in price on every desk carried on website that is going to be utilized in any way in rebuilding Fort McMurray and surrounding areas.
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